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The Toby Interviews – Part One

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Here at The Dog’s Assistant, although many of our cases are very serious, I try to make learning as fun as possible for both my client and their dog. The goal of my blogs is to teach, and I thought a cool way to teach you some new techniques would be to do it through the eyes of my dog – Toby. Though any trainer worth their salt will tell you how destructive it can be to anthropomorphize (aka humanize) your dog, sometimes it’s just downright hilarious to do so – and when you have a Boxer like Toby, you just can’t help yourself sometimes!! My husband Shawn and I are well known for giving a voice to Toby (think Ashton Kutcher’s character on That 70’s Show, but with a lisp), and I hope that this introduction to him will help you to hear him through our ears!

Here’s hoping you enjoy the first segment of “The Toby Interviews”!! Here you will get to know him, and in future segments, he’ll let us in on the secrets of being a well behaved, happy & healthy dog!

Tobias “Lemon” Garven – The Interviews – Part One

As you may have noticed, Toby Garven, also known to his fans as “Lemon”, has been hot on the nightclub and college scene this fall. While out on the town with his humans, several members of the pupperazzi have snapped pics of Lemon in the driver’s seat of his limousine, ready to take off for another wild night of goofing off and scavenging. Lemon has created quite the commotion, and along with the ever elusive pupperazzi, his humans have reported seeing his fans gathered around his vehicle, readily snapping photos with their smart phones of the Champion of Handsome. We at The Dog’s Assistant caught up with Lemon during one of his few moments available between photo shoots and all-night parties. Here’s what he had to say:

TDA: Do you prefer to be called Lemon, or Tobias?

TLG: Well, you know, I’m a pretty respectable guy, so most of the time I go by Toby. But, every once in a while, you gotta relax a little, you know? So, if I’m goofing off with my buddies or checking out a red carpet, Lemon’s cool with me.

TDA: How did you get the nickname Lemon?

TLG: I like to live life hard and fast. You know, make the most of my runs, my workouts. Like any tough guy, you gotta take a few hits every once in a while. I’m known on the street for being a bit of a go getter, and when you go as fast as I do, you’re bound to run into a stumbling block, like a tree or a pole, every once in a while. So that outlook on life kinda led me to be known for a guy who has a few bumps and bruises. Plus, when you party hard, it can be tough on such an athletic body, you know, getting into too much garbage (revealing later he has a soft spot for his mother’s home made garbage) so I can develop an allergy here or there. Lemons are cool though, you know. I like to think it means people find me refreshing.

TDA: How do you like to stay in shape?

TLG: My physique is very important to me. I like to show off my muscles, you know, in case I run into a sweet Chocolate Lab or something. I work out every day, do some circuit training in the living room, regular ball work in the yard. And I try to get a cross country run in at least three times a week. Plus I like to get in as much protein as I can. I would say that ultimately, it’s my beauty sleep that really finishes me off.

TDA: Do you have any weaknesses when it comes to maintaining that model-like body?

TLG: No!!!! The pupparazzi is spreading lies about me having some addiction to Cheezies, which I’d like to set the record straight right now that if I hear that again I’m a go Rawr on them!! I’ll admit, I’ve binged out on Cheezies in the past, but I completed a 12 step program, and now I have my life on the right track. I like to indulge in a little garbage here and there, but you know, only the organic stuff.

TDA: What’s on your iPod these days?

TLG: Only one thing honey – Snoop Dogg!

TDA: We’ve heard that you’re secretly involved with a Chocolate Lab – Misha, to be exact. Is this true?

TLG: That’s what they’re saying down at the park, and ya, we been out a few times. She can be pretty down to business though, and I’m really a pretty sensitive dude, so I’m not gonna hang around waitin’ for her to toss the ball.

TDA: How’s your relationship with your humans?

TLG: I gotta say, they’re pretty cool. I got my own chef – she’s called Mom – and she whips up a pretty mean veggie and fish stew. I get to go a few play rounds with my accountant – he’s called Dad – so it’s good for relieving tension. I got a cool room, gives me privacy to work on my biography. And you know, I can get Mom to throw in a DVD for me every once in a while. I’m pretty into Bolt, so that’s cool after a long photo session, or when I’m tired out after I’ve been chilling with my dogs at the park. It’s a pretty sweet deal all in all.

TDA: Do you think you have something to offer the world as far as advice for other dogs?

TLG: Ya, I have to say that my humans really helped me turn my life around. Before I had no goals in life, no self discipline. My humans taught me that you gotta be dedicated to the ones you love, and if you make an effort to understand and respect each other, life’s just so much easier. Plus, I get more treats that way, and my humans and I get to go to so many more cool places ‘cause they’re not so worried about the pupparazzi catching me doing something wild. Most importantly, it’s better for my career if I steer clear of the crazy life I used to lead.

Watch for Part Two of the Toby Interviews in coming weeks! Toby talks to TDA about nutrition, how his humans communicate, and how to win the hearts of the dogs at the park!


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