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Canada AM Canine Nutrition Segment – August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Thank you for watching this morning’s broadcast of Canada AM! It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the segment, and that you learned something new about how to feed your dog for good health. Remember, nutrition is the foundation for good health, and just as a human needs fresh, whole foods to be in optimal health, so do our dogs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dog’s coat shine, his teeth gleaming white (at 8 years of age!), his behaviour balanced, and best of all, dealing with a lot less odor when I pick up after him! Keep an eye on my future blogs to detail more about choosing a healthier kibble, using the right supplements, allergy issues and raw food advantages! Or feel free to browse my blog history!

If you’d like to learn more about what you heard today, please consider attending one of my Sunday seminars, geared towards all dogs owners who want to better understand how to feed their dog for good health, including kibble choices, allergies and raw feeding. My next seminar is scheduled for October 6th, 2013, and you may purchase tickets from All About Dogs, located at Keele and Lawrence in Toronto, Ontario. Please contact them via their website at www.allaboutdogs.ca

The products showcased on today’s show are as follows:
(please note that this was prepared prior to the broadcast, and some items may or may not have been included in the live presentation)

PC Nutrition First Dog Food (kibble) – the segment’s sponsor


***Please note that if you live in the west end of the GTA, I have collaborated with Global Pet Foods Oakville and Port Credit locations to raise 7% of all purchases for Boxer Rescue Ontario. Just mention my name and the fundraiser when you visit the Oakville or Port Credit locations of Global Pet Foods! All purchases qualify!!

All raw meat products were provided by Ontario’s best raw food supplier:
Heronview Raw and Natural

Supplements provided by Heronview Raw and Natural include:
Feed-sentials K9 (nutritional food supplement, raw diet balancer)
Phyt’n Chance K9 (phytonutrients and anti-oxidant blend)
Carnivora Cold Water Fish Oil

Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend:
Kazooticals Probiotic Complex

Omega Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar



Fruit and vegetables were purchased at a local organic retailer. Please remember that veggies must be pureed prior to being fed, as dogs don’t have the necessary enzymes to break down plant wall the way humans do. If you break down the veggies for them by pureeing, your dog can absorb all the wonderful vitamins and minerals available. Fruits can be fed whole, or pureed. Never feed fruit pits or seeds as they are toxic to dogs, and never feed grapes, raisins, onions or garlic (the highest amount of garlic that is safe for a dog is one clove (not on entire bulb!) per 75lb dog per day, so please use sparingly). And of course, no chocolate!

The Dog’s Assistant’s Personalized Nutrition Assessments:
Please note that at this time, we are no longer providing diet design services. However, we are pleased to continue to offer Allergy Support Services via phone or email for dogs who have been diagnosed with allergy related issues. Please note that we will not provide these services for dogs who have not received an official diagnosis of allergies from their vet, as other skin or digestive issues may be at play an may require medical intervention. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN AND CANNOT OFFER YOU ANY MEDICAL ADVICE.

Allergy consults can be done as a single phone consult for $85, or a full year of support (recommended) can be provided (phone or email only) for $240. Fees must be paid in full in advance of the first consult (the first consult is always done by scheduled phone appointment) and can be paid by email transfer or cheque. Please contact me directly to set up an appointment at erica@thedogsassistant.ca, or via the Contact Us page on this website.


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