Pet Fun Fest

Pet Fun Fest was a great success!!! February 12th and 13th at Downsview Park was the place to be for dog lovers, and Helping Homeless Pets did a great job putting on a show filled with vendors, dock jumping, adoptathons and an attempt at the World’s longest and largest Sit/Stay. You can stay tuned to for news about this year’s show, and other upcoming events. We are still running our show Contest to win a free Whole Dog Assessment with The Dog’s Assistant, and if you were there, visit us at to enter your information and contest code!

I’d like to thank Danielle from Buzzdog Studios for donating some gorgeous photos to decorate our booth. Danielle does both human and canine photography all over southern Ontario, and you can check out her beautiful portfolio at We received lots of compliments on her photos, and from watching her page on Facebook, I can assure you that she’ll capture some unique and natural shots of your dog!!

We were pleased to be help lots of dog owners with their questions about behaviour, nutrition and allergies. For those looking to reduce inflammation in their dog’s joints, improve skin quality and boost mental focus, we were selling Auum Omega 3 Seal Oil. Typically, I don’t sell product (though I have lots of recommendations when I work with my clients), but this is one I feel strongly enough about to sell. Even my Toby, who you may know from my blogs is loaded with allergies and needs special supplements to manage them, does very well on this oil. Feel free to contact me to learn more about it, or get in touch with Susan Schroeder at Lean on Me Nutrition to learn about ordering the product and the Auum line for humans. You can find Susan online at

Over the last few months, I’ve been working hard on developing a new website for owners who want to either boost the effectiveness of kibble, or are looking for advice and recipes for home prepared dog food. I was pleased to announce at the show, a free site that includes recipes, recipe exchanges and answers to all things dog nutrition. The Dog’s Assistant continues to provide private consults for diet design, balancing and of course our unique Allergy Assessment service. Many of the clients we saw at Pet Fun Fest had dogs with itchy paws, chronic ear infections and poor coat/skin, and found our suggestions for Probiotics (to control yeast in the paws and ears), Omega 3 Oil (including Seal Oil or Salmon Oil) and an easy switch from stainless steel bowls to ceramic bowls to be easy to implement and most importantly, a drug free solution to managing the symptoms of allergy.

We’re pleased to welcome many new clients to our services, and look forward to making the lives of their dogs easier, making for a happy relationship all around!!


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