Toby’s Letter to Santa Paws 2014

Dear Santa Paws,

This year, I gotta admit, I already gots most of the things I wanted. I’ve been really amazingly good (just don’t check that with my Mum, ok? Just in case she denies it cuz she’s in a bad mood or something – I promises you can believe me!), and Mum always says I should just be thankful that I haves a home that loves me so much. But there’s a few things that might make me even more thankful.

First of all, I got my AMAZING sleeping bag from Blue Willow Dog Coats, and we took it camping on Thanksgiving and I didn’t even wanna get out of bed it was sooo warm and cozy! She did an awesome job hand-stitching the whole thing, and it’s got this super soft fleece on the inside and a fabric on the outside that’s magic at catching all my own heat. I was really warm and comfy, and I think I’d like to use my sleeping bag even at home! It’s even more amazing than the ultra-warm coat I got from the same place last year! She’s one of my favourite ladies now!!

Instead of using my sleeping bag at home, though, I’m using my new Sealy Dog Bed. It’s got this amazing multi-layer system with an orthopedic layer, a memory foam layer, and even a top cooling layer so I don’t overheat on it. Considering that I had to get a bionic neck last year (ok, ya, it was cervical spine surgery, but my way sounds cooler), I need special beds to keep my spine straight and supported, and it’s way super comfortable too, so I love it. Mum got it at

Also, I gots this really stylish sweater from (Mum had to order it through Amazon though cuz they don’t ship to Canada). It’s knitted and has a nice pattern and a turtleneck and it keeps me warm but the best part is all the ladies stop and stare at me in it. I’m warm AND I look cool – wow eh?

So my Mum has been telling me about all the dogs she sees at the shelter. I feel kinda bad (but not too bad, cuz you know, I’m Toby, I deserve it) about all the cool stuff I have that they don’t have, especially a Mum like mine, so I think this year I’d like for everybody to either A) just go adopt all the dogs at the shelter and bring them home, or B) buy some toys and beds and coats and give them to those dogs, cuz they don’t have anything that’s just theirs. I heard they won’t even get Christmas dinner!!! That’s terrible. So, please Santa Paws, bring them something good. Mum loves the dogs at, or you could give something to

Lastly, like usual I love toys from GoDog or Huggley Hounds, I love treats from or anything that’s single ingredient, like the HUUUGGEE bag of beef lung from Nothing Added that you could get at Costco (do they make that at the North Pole Santa Paws?).

And, I’d really, really, really like an iPawd. Please!!!

Thanks Santa Paws!!! Sorry about the cookie incident last year!! Hopes you still loves me!!!

Toby ‘the lemon’ Garven
(Mum says not to post my address on the interweb so hopefully you know where to find me! If not, contact me on my Facebook page at


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